Friday, April 22, 2005

Pope's Email Address

I was quite surprised to see an email address listed for the Holy Father at the official Vatican Web site. I'm serious--see for yourself.

Send emails to Pope Benedict XVI at:


polish_girl said...

hey, is it realy pope's e mail??

Andy H said...

Check the link above, you will see it on the Vatican's official Web site.

vbspurs said...

You wouldn't have been surprised, if you had read my blog yesterday, Boney. ;)

(All the cable news media had feverishly mentioned it in the morning)

Here are the email addresses, in the language of your choice:


Even for the late great Holy Father, they didn't have an email in Polish, Polish_Girl, but I'm sure you can send your greetings in Polish or any language you want, by using whichever email address you choose.

I will be sending mine in German.


Pope Benedict XVI said...

Bless you, my son.

James said...

There really isn't much surprising about the Vatican website posting email addresses for PBXVI. In this day and age it is almost expected.

Other parts of the Vatican website need work. Immediately after Cardinal Ratzinger chose his new official name, I went to the site to research PBXV to seek clues as to his choice for the name. I found they only had a few apostolic letters, and an encyclical or two. It would be great if they could expand PBXV's entries.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Polish_girl, it is the Pope's e-mail address, both the Boston Herald, and the Providence Journal had the address printed..Don't expect the Boston Globe to have it, that's for sure, being a sub of the NY Times.....

vbspurs said...

Quick, Jimbo, Boney!

The Pope is giving a LIVE audience with journalists only being carried by Fox News...

My first, and perhaps for all English-speakers, time hearing the Pope speak English.

Of course, there is an accent (a gemütlich Bavarian one), but he didn't once falter.

He started in Italian, then English, then French, now he's in German. Now Italian again. Hmm.

When he got to the line of "I want to continue the close association with journalists started by our late Pope", the audience broke out into cheers.

Every time he's switched languages, he's gotten such APPLAUSE as you've never heard.

Gosh, I knew there was a reason I turned on TV after coming home...


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is the Pope's mail. But of course he cannot read all the mail he receives. I don't know if there is any way of contacting him directly.

Claudio Tellez

ZanniPolo said...
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ZanniPolo said...

I think that the fact that His Holiness likes cats will give the lie to his nickname of God's rottweiler!
BTW, if anyone is interested I am posting biographies of the previous Pope Benedicts on my blog. Maybe they will help us to shed some light on what kind of Pope Benedict XVI will be.

Father John, OSB said...

Concise, accurate and RESPECTFUL. Thank you!

vbspurs said...

Claudio Tellez:

Have you tired sending him an old-fashioned telegramme? And if I were you, you could send it to his old office in the Citta Leonina, rather than to his new digs in the Vatican.

When I sent the Queen (I'm British), a wire on the death of her mother, I got a reply within 2 weeks, signed by a lady-in-waiting, but quoting a passage from my telegramme which apparently the Queen was touched by.

Who knows. It might work.


vbspurs said...

And finally, psst!

My latest post regarding the First Papal Audience with Journalists, which was only covered in the US by Fox News.

Now there's a surprise.


franc jerome coelho said...

greetings to his holiness,
pope bennidict XVI,
i like your hair style & your latest reading glasses.
i like to know is there any provision for child custody for catholics after seperation of spouses? 2] is there any chance in the near future of wearing caps for catholics during mass.caps which are similar to yours but different colour to symbolise catholic unity during mass.

fdesales said...

holy father,
i beg the to remember me & my entire family on your first sunday mass as pope benetict xvi.
please me. i always remember you in my prayers for your health & most sucessful pontiff with out-standing results.
with very high regards & respect,
saluting you in good spirit,
your servant in Christ.

Benedicto XVI said...

El cristianismo debe usar internet para extenderse.

Os amo hermanos.

MaryC said...

John Paul II had an email address; he had the Vatican set up the Web site. The media-savvy pope.

St. Anger said...

El dios le bendice en su reverencia de las sendas para peatones para Emmanuel

Salut Il Papa!

linda said...

I'm protestant but I wish Pope Benedictus all strenght, peace, lots of Mozart music and fun in the world (he loves humor, being born the same day as Charly Chaplin.
He seems to me a nice, wise man and I hope he can still feed the cats in Rome.

Anonymous said...

I wish our new pope the best in his new role as our leader. May the Holy Spirit shed his grace upon him so that so that he do His will and only His will. Please remember him in your daily prayers. May God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

The Pope Will Be Very Good. And I Hope His Brother Georg Is Happy For Him. He Will Do Great. Love And Prays To The Pope! I Love You Pope Benedict XVI! Pray For Us!


Anonymous said...

When I E-mail the pope it would be nice if I could get an E-mail return saying that me E-mail had been received...

Anonymous said...

Did you see that? The is being sold on ebay! There is another smart ass who thinks he can make money with that.I wonder how far it's gonna go?? Maybe 0! hahaha!

David Brainerd said...

Does Francis have an email address to, or is the supposedly hip and happening pope behind the times?