Sunday, April 03, 2005

Cardinal Sodano: "Look Upwards"

Former Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano, presiding over this morning's mass at St. Peter's Square, reflected on the life of Pope John Paul II in his homily. He addressed the enormous crowd, saying, "Pray my brothers and sisters. I invite you to look ahead, look upwards today as we are weeping for our Pope who has left us. We open our hearts to eternal blessing and at this requiem mass, the most beutiful words, to which so many times you have listened: Life is not taken away from us but transformed for us. Our earthly life is destroyed, but a more beautiful life is built for us in heaven."

He continued to say of John Paul II, "In a world built by walls and genocide, the Pope is the center of this civilization of love.... From heaven he will always guide us and be over us in that threshold of hope, which he spoke of to us so much. This message will always be written in the hearts of mankind."

At the conclusion of the mass, he read aloud the last letter ever written by the Pope, a letter which the Pope was to read at today's mass of the Divine Mercy if he were to have survived until now.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear members of the television media say that the Mass for the repose of the soul of the Holy Father is "very beautiful" and "moving."

Anonymous said...

As a non christian homosexual who has faith in God, this morning I felt compelled to pray for the soul of Pope John Paul II.
It is the first time that a pope dies in the age of internet and cable TV and I can see the reactions from people around the world, whatever their faith, and of the international media. All of this for a simple man who came from a small town in a country that had banned religion and went on to become pope for more than a quarter of a century and triggered the end of communism. How can this have happened ?
For me, all of this is a true sign of the will of god.
He was definitely a holy man. May he rest in peace.

Renato Parada said...

This is the point, open our hearts to the blessings. I'm a non crhistian too.

Anonymous said...

I was moved all weekend by the coverage of the Pope's Passing -- Being Roman Catholic, I have been distant from the church for years but found myself drawn to church during the Popes final days. Maybe this is the sign I needed to come back - In death, his will is still there!! Our Father IS in Heavan! May he rest in Peace!