Monday, April 18, 2005

Extra Omnes

The doors of the Sistine Chapel have been shut and the cardinals have begun the conclave.


Ice Gavin said...

The following article said that the conclave was made up of 113 cardinals dressed in crimson and 2 Eastern Orthodox prelates in black.

I presume the author meant Eastern Catholic, or Uniate? Because if there are some Orthodox bishops who are also cardinals I'll be very surprised.

Jimbo said...


Certainly "Eastern Orthodox" is a mistake. They meant "Eastern Catholic." I know that one of the cardinals dressed in black was Lubomir Cardinal Husar, Archbishop of the see of Lviv (Ukraine). I'm not certain who the other was. Might it have been Marian Cardinal Jaworski (also from Lviv)? Or maybe Ignace Moussa I Cardinal Daoud (Prefect of the Congregation of the Oriental Churches)? Maybe someone else knows. I'm not an expert in this field!

Anonymous said...

It was the latter.