Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More Black Smoke

More black smoke is rising after the first voting session of the afternoon. And this time, the smoke is unmistakeably black!


Jimbo said...

Okay, well this is kind of embarrassing to have reported this earlier. It did look very black for the first few moments though.

Anonymous said...

It is rather tragic that they chose this man of all the ones available to them. They should have chosen a Saint Francis of Assissi to lead the church in these times of strife, instead they chose Torquameda (the worst grand inquisitor ever) if anyone doesn't know yet Ratzinger has been the head of the inquisition for the past twenty or so years (the congregation for the doctrine of the faith better known until not so very long ago as the Inquisition.) To top it all they choose an ex Hitler Youth a day before Hitler's birthday: a real celebration to all the racist, bigots, fascist, bone headed antisemite idiots who make up the far right... well, we have an avangelical christian fundamentalist in the White House, a hard line conservative ex-Nazi grand inquisitor at the helm of the Catholic Church, mad mullahs running Iran trying to get their hands on nukes, and a very considerable assortment of Islamists running around blowing themselves and everything else to bits in the name of some distorted notion/interpretation of Islam and lets not forget the Jewish zealots and the Hindu militants....Give me the Dalai Lama and ship all the rest of them beyond Mars... This world is going down the drain with a bang!!! HELP