Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sun Rises in Vatican City; Faithful Wait, Pray

The sun has risen in Vatican City, and people are beginning to gather once again in St. Peter's square to wait and pray. Italian newspapers have reported the Pope's death, but as of right now, the Vatican press office is closed and there has been no official word. Rumors abound that we may get an update at 3 AM EST.

A note that the Pope wrote last night is a comfort to us at this time. "I am happy, and you should be as well. Let us pray together with joy."


Anonymous said...

Thought you might want to be aware of this blog:

Anonymous said...

as we all wait I think we know the truth!!! From a sailor Fair wind's and following Sea's! To the Great AB in the sky you will find comfort PJP II
Dennis Keller

Anonymous said...

I understand what our Holy Father means by stating we should be happy for him, but that is easier sad than done. My own father never would of wanted me to be sad after his death and now 4 yrs later I still cry. I know he wouldn't want me to be unhappy, but when you loose someone you love, you can't help but be unhappy. This is how I feel about the Pope. He was an honorable, feeling, compassionate man; amongst being a genius.
He will be missed by me and be all. He has been The Pope for more than half of my life. It won't be the same without him. That feeling of safety that he gave all of us is now gone. We must all remember and keep in our hearts what he has said that has made an impression on me. For me it was what he said in a visit to the US, he said 4 times, "Do not be afraid". He will be missed for many, many years by all.
What amazed me was that the entire world was grieving for him these last few days. I've never seen the world grieve for one man before!!!
That I think sums up Pope John Paul
II's life. No more words need said.
I will miss you Holy Father!!!

Anonymous said...

While I have empathy for all those that so loved the pontiff, I think it behooves us to reflect on the great pain and suffering wrought by the Catholic Church over so many centuries. PP2 did not helped assuaged the problem with his views and abortion, contraception.

ava turner said...

I met the Pope at the Feast of the Epiphanny invited by Reverend Mendenhall, the head of St. John's Basciala at the time. The Pope was a man of God. It was apparent just being in his presence. Still, he never forgot that he was a servant of Christ and although his moral leadership in the world body politic will be sorely missed, I am happy that he is safe in the arms of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church- really the whole world seems suddenly somewhat empty. Pope John Paul II filled such a large part of the world stage. Thank God he took up the lead role with courage and enthusiasm just when we needed him. He repeated 'be not afraid' to us often and then he set the example - he was bold and unafraid. Honoring him for the next nine days will help to deal with this great loss. Thanks to EWTN and some other channels for the beautiful images and remembrances of the Holy Father. His guidance, spirit and persona will be with us through his writings and images and the people who have met and seen him. Many of us feel we have known a saintly person. I can't help repeating over in my mind 'John Paul II, We Love You'. Angie PA