Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope Unconscious, But Not In Coma

The Pope seems to be losing consciousness, but he is not in a coma. Meanwhile for the second day in a row the Vatican has announced a series of Papal appointments. Read the full AP report at Yahoo! News.


Writedonnie said...

I have been following this Pope, all my life. He is the only Pope my generation has known. His teachings, writings, and the Christ-Like way he has lived his life is remarkable.

Due to the emails I have received, I decided to post his Final Letter. This letter was written in April of 2003.

You can get the letter Here

God Bless the Church and the Faithful!

Anonymous said...


I just went thru weeks of T Shiavo and the "Culture of Life" dictates we should keep this guy alive no matter what. Why isn't it being done? Are the people who say his death is near, in fact trying to murder him? Where's the outrage!

Anonymous said...

Papież robi cud młodzi ludzie modlą się rezygnują z imprez, modlitwa wielu tysięcy osób

Ojciec Święty mówił Nie lękajcie się

w pozostaje modlitwa i czuwanie
Katarzyna -

NMGirl said...

It was just reported on MSNBC that he might be trying to 'hang on until tomorrow' as tomorrow is a very special day fo rhim. I didn't hear the reasons why.

Can someone clarify for me?

My prayers continue for the Holy Father.

Andy H said...

Perhaps they were insinuating that since the Pope is a great devotee to Mary, he wants to die on the Feast of the Annunciation.

TheresaMF said...

Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday--is that "tomorrow"? The Holy Father cannonized St. Faustina, the Polish nun who received the message of Divine Mercy.

Andy H said...

I misspoke - meant to type "Vigil for the Annunciation."

But anyways I think the media, as always, is grasping at straws.

Writedonnie said...

I don't believe it is hard to imagine him wanting to wait until tomorrow to be with the father, per my comments here

God Bless the Church and the Faithful!

Writedonnie said...

Although I think it a little premature, I just heard that the Vatican will issue a stamp when the Pope passes.

Read more here!

God Bless the Church and the Faithful!