Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mass to Begin in 30 Minutes

It's 10 a.m. in Rome. The mass for the repose of the soul of Pope John Paul II will begin in 30 minutes with former Cardinal Angelo Sodano, former Vatican secretary of state, presiding. The major cable news networks will broadcast live from the Vatican. Or, if you've had enough of the regular media, you can watch the live video feed of St. Peter's Square online with no media interruption. Just mass. Although it will be in Italian! More to follow.

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Anonymous said...

The pope is dead. A man is dead. A shriveled old man is gone. Why has this been broadcast like it has? Because the end is near. Revelation clearly states that in the end times the lamb which spoke like a dragon( America, sadly) would command the world's attention to focus on the beast and worsh ip it ( Papal Rome and the Roman Catholic Church) for it had been wounded ( by Napoleon, in 1798 I believe), but had once again recovered, and was restoring her former glory. the beast would command all to worship on her day, the pagan day of the sun, as first ordered by the perverted Constantine, and the apostate heretical Roman Catholic Church would denounce the faithful as heretics once again. Persecuted, Revelation states they will not even be able to buy and sell. The late pope recommended a Sunday law in a paper published in '97, and IF u could continue communication with me, I could have for you the exact name of it ( I apologize for not having it ready now). You can read Revelations. I have no hatred for Catholics, though I do weep for the deception and apostate paganism they follow.