Friday, April 01, 2005

Vatican Health Minister: Pope "About to Die"

Night has fallen in Rome. With a few thousand people (as many as 70,000 earlier) gathered around St. Peter's Square on Friday night, Pope John Paul II's Papacy is coming to a close. The man sometimes referred to as the "Great Communicator" is suffering massive heart problems, breathing difficulties, and kidney failure. Vatican health minister Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan told a Mexican news outlet that the Pope "is about to die," also adding that he had spoken with doctors and "there is no more hope." According to the Associated Press via CBC News Canada:
"This evening or this night, Christ opens the door to the Pope," Angelo Comastri, the Pope's vicar general for Vatican City, told a crowd at St. Peter's Square, where up to 70,000 people prayed and stood vigil in the chilly night. Wrapping themselves in blankets, many tearfully gazed at John Paul's third-floor windows, where the lights remained on early Saturday.

Read more: Vatican says Pope clinging to life after suffering massive heart problems


Writedonnie said...

I can hear the Lord now, "My Faithful Servant, your work is done, for which I am Greatly Pleased. Welcome Home"

The smile on the Lord's face must be as big as it ever has been.

God Bless the Church and the Faithful!

Anonymous said...

Becoming a member of the Catholic community over this past Easter Vigil, I can only thank John Paul II by lifting my prayers to the Lord. My heart has found a connection with God stronger than I thought possible. John Paul II's works drew me to the Church, and I am eternally greatful that I experienced my first week as a Catholic under His earthly guidance.

Anonymous said...


I think you are right. The Pope is happy, because he gets to be with Jesus and Mother Theresa and St. Paul soon!

Rebecca said...

May our Holy Father meet our Lord soon if that is God's will. May we remain faithful to our Lord and our Church and make John Paul II proud of us and of his work in us.

Thank you for your blog - I've said it before, but at times like this it is so good to have somewhere to come and reflect.

Robin said...

i have never written a blog comment before and i dont even know if im doing it right. i was baptized protestant now baptist christian. i heard someone today say how the popes message to the children during this sad time would be for the children to carry his message into their future. as i tearfully explained everything happening to my 13 yr old son he looked at me very sincerely and said I WILL MOM! i just want to shout to the world right now whether we are catholic, protestant, baptist, jewish or even muslim......OUR POPE loved all man! he represented EVERYTHING we the people need in this world right now! my heart is breaking because i will miss him soooooo! and at the same time i celebrate his life and ALL HE HAS DONE FOR US ALL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My heart and prayers go out to people that need to be hurtful and mean in this time of mourning for Christians as well as all faiths.

Anonymous said...

censorship is also a sin.

Anonymous said...

This blog is intended to be a place for constructive discussion about the Papacy and the Pope. Vulgarity, hate language and distasteful comments may be moderated.

I don't want to 'censor' anyone; this particular site is however my "home" online, so if you have negative comments, please post them on your own site :)

Meanwhile the sun has risen in Vatican City and the press office should be opening within an hour.

Writedonnie said...

I would think St. Peter Square will become a very busy place within the next couple of hours.

From the webcam, I see the Faithful starting to arrive once again for the expected news.

God Bless the Church and the Faithful!

Anonymous said...


looks like you're staying up with us! I might go to bed for a few hours while Jimbo sleeps, then get up when he sleeps, so there's no stoppage in coverage.

Meanwhile I think we should nominate you as an honorary author!

Jimbo said...

I second that nomination. But Boney, I think you misspoke. I believe you meant to say, "I might go to bed for a few hours while Jimbo KEEPS WATCH."

Anonymous said...

Jimbo, you're right. I was too tired to type correctly!