Monday, April 04, 2005

Pope's Body Moved to Basilica

To the singing of the Litany of the Saints, the body of Pope John Paul II has been moved from the Sala Clementina to St. Peter's Basilica, where it will lie in state for public viewing for three or four days. The Vatican is expecting over 2 million visitors to pay their respects to the late Pontiff.

The New York Times reports: Crowds Gather at Vatican to See Pope's Body Lying in State


Anonymous said...

It's one of his last travels. The great Pope has gone. His dead touched the whole world. That is a wonderfull sign.

Anonymous said...

I just saw it on CNN. I was touched from what i saw. Indeed, he's touched many peoples lives..whether catholic or not...may he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

To Media:

US Network correspondents are not listening to their guests. They are cutting them off, rushing to the next guest, and commercial breaks.
They need to listen to their guests and not the earpiece. One spiritually inspired interview is better than 20 3-minute rushed “interviews”.

Bring the Holy Spirit into the media airwaves.

Go on the streets, with the people, in prayer circles, embrace the spirit, that’s where John Paul the Great would be.

Jimbo said...


I completely agree. It would be nice to see some real interviews that are in depth and not cut off abruptly. But unfortunately, it seems that the television networks are playing to people with short attention spans. The goal of the networks is to break the story as fast as possible and then move onto the next one just as quickly. And it is too bad that in this time the networks can't slow down and reflect a bit more.

While I too have flipped through the cable news networks quite often in the past few days, I have at many times found it much more appealing to watch the live video feed from Vatican TV, which I have linked to in a couple of my posts. There is no insipid commentary, no short-lived or dull interviews, just video and audio of the actual events themselves in St. Peter's Square and Basilica unfolding. It was while watching this that I first learned of the Pope's death. And I also watched this feed when the body was moved into the Basilica just a few hours ago. It's worth checking out if you have RealPlayer --

Nino said...

Portugal is sad.

Anonymous said...

umm... Geraldo Rivera said something...

Monday, April 4. 2005

Who Tried To Have The Pope Murdered?
Last Thursday, just two days before the pope died, Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish madman who tried to kill him in 1981 released a statement wishing the pontiff a speedy recovery, but added ominously, that the pope should tell the world that doomsday was approaching.
In the note, handwritten in Italian and faxed to the Associated Press, Agca said, " you have to confirm the divine truth that we are at the end of the world. This is the last generation of humanity on the Planet Earth."

Posted by Geraldo at 10:45 am EDT

Is this handwritten letter published anywhere?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting about the Vatican video. My Real Player isn’t working right now, instead I have Internet radio playing, reading and looking at photo galleries.

The Reuters site looked crazy, no images.

Yesterday there was coverage of worshippers in Krakow singing the most amazing music. It would have been beautiful if it lasted more than 30 seconds. I would have loved to known what song they were singing, a live camera in the church. They left the scene, and I left the TV.

One of the networks had Leonardo Defilippis on, which I found very inspiring.

Love live His Holiness Great Pope Jon Paul II

Johnny Utah said...

I saw it on TV,The Pope looked peacefull and looked at peace.I dont see his death as a sad thing,he lived a great life,and in the end,he was old and suffering.Now he is at peace.The Pope was like a Rock Star,..

Anonymous said...

The music "Litany of the Saints" that was being echoed is amazing and the Pope looked at peace. Does anyone know where I can find this audio file of this great music?

Anonymous said...

We indeed have lost a holy father. Something sadley missing in this world today. May fathers learn from this man of God and bring back the santity of the family. Teach your children what great people they can become because of one man's example of one Savior's love.

Anonymous said...

In his death, Pope John Paul II has become even more powerful and magnetic. People from all walks of life, catholics and non-catholics, from every corners of the world, are drawn to this great man. Let us rejoice that we now have a powerful intercessor before God.

Anonymous said...

It truly brings tears to my eyes. It lives as much in his death as he did in life. A truly Holy man. May he rest in peace.