Friday, April 22, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI Retains Top Vatican Officials

The Holy Father:

- Appointed Cardinal Angelo Sodano, titular of the suburbicarian church of Albano, as secretary of State.

- Confirmed "donec aliter provideatur" the cardinals and archbishops who head dicasteries of the Roman Curia, and the president of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State.

- Confirmed Archbishop Leonardo Sandri as substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State.

- Confirmed Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo as secretary for Relations with States of the Secretariat of State.

- Confirmed the current secretaries of dicasteries of the Roman Curia for the current five-year period. -V.I.S.

Thus it seems Benedict XVI is ensuring a smooth transition by retaining those officials whom John Paul II appointed.


Anonymous said...

What about Dziwisz? Does he have a position under the new regime?

John said...

Nope. He heads off to a monastery. (I hope he doesn't write a tell-all book.)

Anonymous said...

Why? What would he have to hide? It would be great to know what Wojtyla was like when he was out of the public eye. Particularly the way he coped with his progressive illnes.

Anonymous said...

So all the secretaries of the dicasteries are to fulfil there five year terms, and the Secretariate of State is sorted out. But what about all those Cardinal heads of dicasteries who have only been reappointed "donec aliter provideatur". Does this not indicate the intention to make a few moves in the near future?

Also ... who's going to take over the CDF? Any suggestions?

Plus...I saw it reported that Cardinal Arinze had been appointed to the titular suburbicarian see that Pope Benedict has vacated by his election, and has thus become a Cardinal Bishop. Sodano was described on CTV as the 'Dean of the College'. But has he been elected? Or is this just the Vice Dean becoming Dean pro tem until they can elect a new Dean.

Anonymous said...

The next step B16 needs to take is to sack Archbishop Piero Marini, the instigator behind so many of the absurd and outlandish papal liturgies. He is a disciple of the liturgical terrorist, Archbishop Bugnini, and that other disciple of mediocrity, Virgilio Cardinal Noe. This triumvirate of banality have reduced once majestic papal ceremonies to near comic opera, complete with liturgical dancers and pagan shamans. Bring on the clowns! Oh, I forgot, they did have circus jugglers at one celebration. Too bad the bear riding the bicycle fell off before the Liturgy of the Word. Show Archbishop Marini the door or throw him down the stairs if he won't go quietly. This would be an auspicious start to the reform of the reform.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree 100% with Anonymous above! Marini has been a disaster. I think Pope Benedict XVI must see that. REFORM THE REFORM!!!

Orthodox said...

Strange to see the damnation of such an outstanding servant-leader as Archbishop Marini. Only and idiot would beleive that the Archbishop would have done anything in a liturigical celebration of which the Pope did not approve.

Here we see this excellent example of a Roman Catholic servant, devoutly following the guidance of the Pope, being damned for the very same things for which we are praising Pope John Paul II.

The late Pope is praised for his reaching out to the people in innovative ways, for being open to inclusion of the customs of others, for loving rather than hating, for blessing rather than damning.

Pope Benedict could do nothing worse than fail to recognize the servant leader that Archbishop Marini represents. Remove him? No, elevate him to Cardinal instead and let his service serve as a representation for others to emulate.

Want to know what is wrong with the Roman Catholic Church today? Too few servant leaders like Archbishop Marini and too many people lacking the respect for the office, if not the man himself. "Throw him down the stairs", you write - may God have mercy on the ignorance of your mind and the shallowness of your spirit.

aigi said...

well, the comments above maybe aren't the most charitable...but I agree with the message---Marini's gotta go!!! Please---away with all protestant influence in the Divine Liturgy! Bring back a bigger sense of the sacred and profound to the Holy Mass!