Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pope Prepares for World Youth Day

On Thursday, Pope Benedict XVI will depart Rome for Cologne, Germany to join the World Youth Day festivities. The celebration will conclude on Sunday with a Mass at which the Pope will preside.

On August 16, the first day of the WYD festivities, Pope Benedict XVI conducted the first formal interview of his Pontificate with Vatican Radio. He said that he hopes World Youth Day will spark "a wave of new faith among young people, especially in the young people of Germany and Europe." According to Catholic World News:

Young people are always "full of problems, but also full of hope," the Pontiff observed. They want to learn about life for themselves, rather than have others "regurgitate it for them." He said that he wants to convey the vigor and beauty of Christian thought, so that they realize that "wisdom is not something stale."

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Ederic said...

I cant come to see the pope this week. The German Embassy here in Manila rejected our visa application. :(

AM said...

good luck!

Kyle Foley said...

thank you for your blog. can you work hard to get full texts of the pope's speeches rather than just summaries?

vbspurs said...

Well Jimbo, Boney, it seems you might be in Germany covering the World Youth Day celebrations first-hand, because I don't see any updates!

Never to fear -- I have a few posts on the topic on my blog:


It's about the visual impact of the festivities.

Tomorrow, I may probably "close" the topic with a review of the Pope's memoirs, which I read specially for the event.

Far from being the dour, conservative of Christiane Amanpour's worst imaginings, he's (no surprise to us), very charming and open.


Anglo-Catholic said...

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