Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ratzinger: Pope Able to Speak, "Fully Alert"

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger met with Pope John Paul II earlier today and said that he had regained his ability to speak and was "fully alert" while speaking in Italian and German. The Vatican had indicated earlier that the Pope's condition was steadily improving one month after he was first rushed to the hospital. Additional speaking and breathing therapy will still continue for weeks. According to the Agence France-Press via news.com.au:
However, doctors said they believed it may be weeks before the pontiff can properly recover his voice.

"The Pope is doing well, his condition is improving as we said yesterday," Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls told reporters as he made his daily visit to the pope's 10th-floor suite at the Gemelli.

As he left shortly afterwards, he said John Paul II had been "preparing to celebrate mass" in his hospital room.

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Anonymous said...

Ratzinger hasn't been fully alert for years...how could he recognize it in the pope?

Anonymous said...

Pope John Paul ll, has been and continues to be a great witness to the faith and to the greatest two commandments.

Anonymous said...

Ratzinger is a Nazi. I don't mean that like, "I hate the cable company! They are such Nazi's!"

I mean he is a REAL Nazi. He worked as a guard at a concentration camp for God's sake! He claims that he had to do it or die, well guess what, the Pope would have stood up and said, "Then kill me too!"

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous piece of writing! When Ratzinger turned 14(!) in 1941, he was required by law to join the Hitler youth and he was not an enthusiastic member. In 1943, at the age of 16(!) he was, along with the rest of his class, drafted into the Flak or anti-aircraft corps, responsible for the guarding of a BMW plant outside Munich. He was then sent for basic infantry training and was posted to Hungary, where he worked setting up anti-tank defences until he deserted in April 1944 (an offence punishable by death). In 1945 he was briefly held in an Allied POW camp. By June he was released.

He has never been a guard at a concentration camp! Your misinformation, or is it just a propaganda against a possible German pope, who had to do his job as a teenager in WW2, which makes him adverse?

He is the most powerful and mightiest man of the Catholic Church – since years. Ratzinger was considered to be Pope John Paul II's "right hand man" and also one of his closest friends, and during the Pope's final illness, he carried out many of the Pope's functions as leader of the Catholic Church.

He is worth to become pope – even when he is German, like me.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the rebuttal.

Such remarks (He is a nazi) are taken by me as wildly outlandish displays of blatant propaganda.

Completely innapropriate language to speak towards the spiritual head of one fifth of the world.

As an american, I hope that I will be judged based upon my life, not my governments.

Ratzinger's theological mind is welcomed during such a important time for the church.

Anonymous said...

Ratzinger doesn't have to have been am actual Nazi to be a reactionary pig, poisoning people by dispersing hate towards women and homosexuals with their hideous sexism. These warped old men had better hope there isn't a hell! What could be crueler than the last pope preaching against birth control in third world countries where mothers were already watching there children dying of starvation. And don't even get me started on the last pope's abuse of Romero, and his attack on the people of Latin America, attempting to convince them to be complicit in their own repression. These pig popes are simply vile!

Anonymous said...

Ratzinger's election shows that the Catholic Church has never been more out of touch with the world. Thankfully, he's 78, perhaps that is the only signal of the Holy Spirit's participation in this travesty.

Anonymous said...

I say watch out...can Cardinal Law be far behind if Ratzinger should expire?