Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pope Has High Hopes for "World Day of the Sick"

With timing that almost seems ominous, Pope John Paul II, recently exhorted his special envoy at the 13th annual World Day to continue the new evangelization, comforting the sick, and fighting the spread of AIDS through "education that respects the sacred value of life, and through formation in a correct practice of sexuality." According to Zenit:

"Precisely we, who exercise the most authoritative task of the Successor of Peter, note well these words of the sacred Scriptures on the birth of the Apostles and, in general, try to pay special attention to the spiritual benefit of all the sick and patients," reads the letter.

"Many indeed are the faithful who are faced with sufferings and many difficulties in daily life and because of that fact, are in need of heavenly relief and consolation which is pleasing to their spirit," the Holy Father writes.

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