Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Pope's gift to Russia

The Australian reports on the Pope's gift to Russia and his wishes to visit the country.

THE Pope hinted yesterday that he hoped the return to Russia of a revered Orthodox icon would enable him to pay a visit to Moscow, fulfilling one of his last remaining travel ambitions.

At an elaborate ceremony in the Vatican, to the sound of Byzantine chants used in the Russian Church, the Pope gave the icon of the Madonna of Kazan to a delegation who will take it to Russia today after public veneration in Rome.

The Pope hopes the gesture will start a thaw in icy Catholic-Orthodox relations and help heal the thousand-year schism in the church between East and West.

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Anonymous said...

As a Roman Catholic I disbelieve the doctrine of Purgatory. My BIble, the Douay, states that we were purged in His own body on the tree (cross). When Christ hung from the cross, He cried: It is Finished! The work of redemption was completed. We are also washed in His own blood which cleanses us from all sin (plural). If we redeem oueselves by fire, then the blood of Jesus is of none effect. We save ourselves. His atonement means nothing. Does that make sense to you? God says that He is not the author of confusion or fear. I certainly would live in fear knowing that the pains of purgatory are so unbearable. The thief on the cross was never baptized, confirmed, or had experienced any of the rites of the faith. Yet Christ took him home to heaven. He was justified by faith. How can the Church teach such a fallacious dogma as Purgatory? On another note, our Bible (Roman Catholic) states that there is but one mediator beteen God and man. How can Mary be a mediatress? Isn't this adding to the Word of God?Also, she stated in the second chapter of Luke: I rejoice in God, my Savior. She needed a Savior as we all do for that all have sinned according to our Bible. There are none righteous (including Mary). She was born of the same seed as David and even David stated in one of his psalms, "Behold, I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceiveme. And you know as we as I that there is no Mother in Heaven according to the Scriptures. GOd does not have a mother. Jesus had a mother who was a Jewish maiden. She is mentioned only once in the Bible and not by name (Old Testament). She cannot save anyone. Only Jesus was appointed to die once and for all for the human race!