Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Polish Man Found Guilty of Libeling the Pope

A court has fined a man $6,500 for libeling the Pope! AP (via Yahoo! News) reports:

Jerzy Urban, founder and publisher of the weekly magazine "NIE" — Polish for "no" — illegally insulted the pope when he printed an article making fun of John Paul's age and frailty before a visit to Poland in 2002, the court ruled.

He was found guilty of violating a law that bans publicly insulting foreign heads of state.

Read more: Polish Publisher Guilty of Libeling Pope


Anonymous said...

Do you worship God or the Pope?

Anonymous said...

You know us Catholics, we worship the Pope and Mary!

Who the hell is God?




Andy H said...

My girlfriend informs me that my response to you was less than Christian.

For the record, I retract my former comment, apologize for using the words "idiot" and "hell", and would like to state that I have the utmost respect for Southern Baptists.

And now, the weekend is beginning! :)