Saturday, July 03, 2004

Non-Pontifical Fun!

Normally we only post about our beloved Pontiff on this esteemed weblog, but today I discovered two gems that I just couldn't pass up!

Firstly, I came across a great Web site that you should check out immediately- the Shrine of the Holy Whapping. It's maintained by five of my classmates at The University of Notre Dame. It's informative, it's Catholic and it's hilarious. Topics covered include Catholic identity at Notre Dame, politics, and, umm, the Holy Prepuce of Calcata. The Shrine of the Holy Whapping is on our blogroll, and it should be in your bookmarks!

Secondly, John Kerry has been charged with heresy on a complaint recently filed with the Archdiocese of Boston by canon lawyer Marc Balestrieri, J.C.L., an assistant judge with the tribunal of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Seriously. I read that there will be communication between the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Boston on this, and I am certainly very interested in seeing what happens. Read more about it here and read the complaint here.


Brian said...

Who are you???

Anonymous said...

The One And Only Boney (Andy Hagans, Junior, MIS, Stanford) at your service! And of course my esquire, P Diddy (Michael Poffenberger, Junior, Peace studies and something else, stanford/off campus)


Boney: Now that they know our true identities, we must erase their memories. P Diddy, fetch the amnesia machine!

P Diddy: You mean the revolver?

Boney: Yes. And don't forget to use it on yourself when you're done!